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Birthday Celebrations!

Every child deserves an amazing birthday celebration! We strive to make every child smile and bring happiness to all the families.

We hope that we will see each child thrive and grow to be a happy adult.

Everyone deserves a fun celebration especially during hardships. It's not an exaggeration to say every family who has visited LOVES to dance, and look forward to have a fun time and laugh together.

If you would like to donate, click here or simply call us at (409)762-8770 ext. 107

We recently had so many amazing people volunteer and contribute to Jair and Luna's Celebration:

Rolando Estrada from Rolloons: Creating a magnificent balloon wall décor

RLDesign: Creating beautiful floral centerpieces

Ray Cruz from Nopalera Grill Galveston: Catering for our Celebration

Theresa Parani from Ooh La La Couture: Ensuring Luna had a beautiful dress for her Birthday

Gladys and Raymond Haak: Contributing toward Luna's dress and accessories

Theresa and Rusty Benigar: Contributing toward a variety items for the Celebration

Patricia Coskey Photography: Taking amazing photos for our Celebration

Kathy Rea from Majestic Linens & Decor: Lending us beautiful linens to match our colors

Jesus Torres from Torres Barber & Beauty Salon: Making sure Jair looked his best for his Birthday

Avery Aanerud: Contributing for Jair's outfit

Our Recent Birthday Celebration

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