Our Outdoor Playground

It’s a story of dedicated board members, caring benefactors, and needful children. The kids whose families stay at the Ronald McDonald House Galveston need fresh air, a safe and protected place to play, and physical play therapies as they recover from their illnesses and disabilities. The Preface to this story was a donation from the estate of a Doctor who left a sizable legacy for children. Chapter one was an exhaustive analysis of needs and potential solutions coupled with a massive fundraising effort. Plus, specialized architects, permitting, remediation, contracting, and many other things were involved. It was through the tireless efforts of Fredell Rosen and Suzanne Sullivan and their committees, and it’s taken a couple of years, but on November 30, Chapter two commenced with Carl from the contractor Vaughn on-site to begin site preparation and demolition. Many, many thanks to those that have donated their money, time, and efforts to this process. 

And we’re on to Chapter Three of our PlaySpace, with the laying of plumbing pipes. For what? What will the finished space look like? How will the patients use the space? Stayed tuned as this exciting project unfolds.